Will Quantum Physics Ever Really Allow Us To Communicate Better?


Is Quantum Entanglement The Same Thing As 'Magic'?

Your brain manipulates electric energy!

Our newest patents and devices explore this dynamic. Let me explain, first with some state-of-the-art science geeky stuff and then with some 1000 year old philosophical kinda' stuff.

The human brain is a power source, or rather, a collection of approximately 80 billion batteries.  Each neuron, the functional unit of the nervous system, is a nerve cell that in the brain possesses the ability to accumulate a charge across its cell membrane, which results in a small, but meaningful voltage. The average neuron contains a resting voltage of approximately 70 millivolts or 0.07 volts.  This is quite small when compared to the 1.5 volts in a AA battery or the 115 volts in a wall socket.  What is interesting though, is that although 70 millivolts may seem insignificant, the microscopic scale at which it occurs is fascinating.

Voltage is defined as an electropotential difference between two points.  In the case of the AA battery, this potential difference is measured between the top (+) and bottom (-) of the battery and is due to an excess of negative charge at the negative pole.  In a neuron, this potential difference is measured across the lipid bilayer and the intracellular side is generally more negative.  Normally, the lipid bilayer is around 5 nanometers thick, which means that the 70 millivolt potential difference is separated by only 5×10-9 meters.  In contrast, a AA battery’s poles are at each end of the battery and are 2 inches (5×10-2 meters) apart.

When there is a potential difference between two separate points, like the potential difference across the lipid bilayer of a neuron, an electrostatic field is produced.  A great example of an electrostatic field is the field generated between the clouds in the sky and the earth during a thunderstorm.  This field is produced by a difference in charge that develops between the clouds and the surface of the earth.  If this field becomes too strong, a spark of electricity shoots across the gap between the positive and negative poles and becomes lightning!  Now the strength of this field is defined by a simple equation:

E = – Δϕ/d

where the strength of the field (E) is directly related to the potential difference (Δϕ, otherwise known as voltage) divided by the distance (d) between the poles.  So, in a lightning storm, the electrical field would be measured as the difference in voltage of the earth and the clouds, divided by the distance between them. Lightning is produced when the electrostatic force (E) is around 3 million volts per meter!

How does a lowly neuron, with its 70 millivolts, compare to the awesome power of a lightning strike?  We can simply calculate the electrostatic force across the lipid bilayer to find out.  We know that the voltage across a neuron’s membrane is 0.07 volts and the average thickness of the membrane is 5 nanometers.

ENeuron = -(0.07 volts) / (5×10-9 meters)

ENeuron = 14 million volts per meter!  That’s more than four times the electrostatic force required to produce lightning during a thunderstorm!

Ok. Got it? Your brain moves your body and other stuff with it's own energy!

If you think that is freaky, get ready for the REALLY shocking part:

Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated, interact, or share spatial proximity in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the state of the others, even when the particles are separated by a large distance ie: from one side of the planet to the other or across the universe!!!

Measurements of physical properties such as position, momentum, spin, and polarization, performed on entangled particles are found to be correlated. For example, if a pair of particles is generated in such a way that their total spin is known to be zero, and one particle is found to have clockwise spin on a certain axis, the spin of the other particle, measured on the same axis, will be found to be counterclockwise, as is to be expected due to their entanglement. However, this behavior gives rise to seemingly paradoxical effects: any measurement of a property of a particle performs an irreversible collapse on that particle and will change the original quantum state. In the case of entangled particles, such a measurement will be on the entangled system as a whole.

Such phenomena were the subject of a 1935 paper by Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky, and Nathan Rosen,[1] and several papers by Erwin Schrödinger shortly thereafter,[2][3] describing what came to be known as the EPR paradox. Einstein and others considered such behavior to be impossible, as it violated the local realism view of causality (Einstein referring to it as "spooky action at a distance")[4] and argued that the accepted formulation of quantum mechanics must therefore be incomplete. Einstein was WRONG!

Later, however, the counterintuitive predictions of quantum mechanics were verified experimentally[5] in tests where the polarization or spin of entangled particles were measured at separate locations, statistically violating Bell's inequality. In earlier tests it couldn't be absolutely ruled out that the test result at one point could have been subtly transmitted to the remote point, affecting the outcome at the second location.[6] However so-called "loophole-free" Bell tests have been performed in which the locations were separated such that communications at the speed of light would have taken longer—in one case 10,000 times longer—than the interval between the measurements.[7][8]

According to some interpretations of quantum mechanics, the effect of one measurement occurs instantly. Other interpretations which don't recognize wavefunction collapse dispute that there is any "effect" at all. However, all interpretations agree that entanglement produces correlation between the measurements and that the mutual information between the entangled particles can be exploited, but that any transmission of information at faster-than-light speeds is impossible.[9][10]

Quantum entanglement has been demonstrated experimentally with photons,[11][12][13][14] neutrinos,[15] electrons,[16][17] molecules as large as buckyballs,[18][19] and even small diamonds.[20][21] On 13 July 2019, scientists from the University of Glasgow reported taking the first ever photo of a strong form of quantum entanglement known as Bell entanglement.[22][23] The utilization of entanglement in communication and computation is a very active area of research.

So what does this have to do with brain energy? It only takes 70 millivolts of power to produce a single Quantum Entanglement effect and remember, from above, that your brain has been proven to produce billions of times as much as that?

So, the questions arise: "Can I move stuff with my mind further than the reach of my hand?"

Can you "create 'your own parking spot' or job offer or hot girlfriend..." just by thinking about it?

Can you cause the future to be one way, or the other, just by thinking about it?

Can Quantum Entanglement really help us communicate better?

It does not need to be "faster-than-light" in our system. A forehead dot QE-VR phone does need to be faster than light. We are not teleporting people, we are just sounding and looking better than 5G in a safer, cheaper, better way. Can it really work? Let's discuss:

"...To transfer information between Alice in Paris and Bob in the Antarctic at Station 7 under 20 feet of ice, the simplest way is for Alice to create a bit of information (e.g. a binary 1 or 0) and send (stimulate) it across the QE field to Bob. For there to be real information transfer, Bob MUST NOT be able to predict what Alice is going to send. In a normal phone call, you already can't predict what the person you are talking to will say next, right? So we are already part ways there in today's world. 

Information theory calls this (by analogy) a high entropy state. Bob must be able to accurately determine WHAT Alice has actually sent once she sends it, even if he cannot predict ahead of time what it was going to be. An AI system can do this for Bob. Bob must have a high certainty that any change he observes is due to the agreed system protocol that Alice and Bob's hardware agreed to upfront. AI can ensure that it is accurately transmitted with low error. Bob can't calculate this, but AI can.

So how could Bell QE, or other entanglement, be used to communicate? There are a few ways. First is transmission of the particles. To communicate, Alice generates a “1” particle and the entanglement guarantees that a partner particle which is also a “1” is sent over to Bob. AI checks this with Quantum pings. So assuming that Bob knows the channel distortion with some accuracy, he can then determine what Alice sent. AI takes care of the heavy-lifting and cross-checking here.

Now some people may say that this is no different than Alice just sending her “1” particle over a calibrated channel. 

It IS different, otherwise the CIA and Russian spy agencies would not be spending tens of billions of dollars to try to optimize it. All that "distance viewing" stuff that Russia and MK Ultra experimented on in the 60's and 70's was not anything supernatural. It was just plain old vanilla QE that was not yet understood. Now CERN, and other hard device labs, have built hardware that manipulates QE, photographs it, and proves it!

At the quantum level, Alice can now test what particle she actually sent/stimulated without destroying that information on Bob’s particle. In some cases, the quantum theory cannot establish that entanglement has actually occurred until both ends have received the particle pair, measured them, and then compared notes. A second checking channel can do this. One approach is known as the SKY KING approach. 

Much like the current DEFCON Skyking messages and EAMs where a voice endlessly speaks a series of numbers on radio HF channels such as, 8992 KHz USB, 11175 KHz USB, 6737 KHz USB, 8890.94 KHz USB, 8991 KHz USB, etc.; there could be a Quantum communications verification channel that anyone can use. Many gamers already use the DEFCON Sky King broadcasts to coordinate game moves in GOW. This would help to double check entanglement status.

When Alice generated both particles and tested them for entanglement before sending the second particle to Bob,  the quantum measurement process may not preserve the entanglement beyond the measurement process. She would destroy the entanglement! (Making it super secure, right? A highly desireable feature in the Post-Snowden world). A QE ping solves this bug and turns it into a feature.

Another way to potentially communicate over QE is for Alice's AI to create a large pool of “1” particles and “0” particles in a prep repository in her device, or on The Cloud, and, ahead of time, send the entangled partners over to Bob. When Alice wants to communicate, her forehead dot QE-VR phone performs a standard protocol operation on one of her particles, and in theory, Bob's AI on his QE-VR phone should suddenly see one of his particles change state.

"But!" cry some limited vision VC's, "...Alice is not actually "sending" anything to Bob; she is just stimulating his particles!".. BOO F*CKING HOO. It does not matter as long as Bob hears her "Hello". Yes, some are freaking out because "there is nothing you can bill for". Some fools without vision are trying to slam QE because they think they will lose money because they can't put a faucet or a meter on it. Are you kidding! The big bucks in QE is in the AI to run it! People will pay trillions to experience a photo-perfect experience in the greatest scenic spots in the world with the most famous celebrities on the planet.

The QE "theorists" say they are not sure whether this is really possible since, for a low error rate, Alice has to be sure that the particles received by Bob are indeed in the correct state!  AI co-linear validation-runs can solve this.

Most of us say: "Screw all theoretical physicists!... most orginal "theoretical" physics has been proven to be wrong. Einstein screwed the pooch. Most famous scientists now agree that Einstein was WRONG on some big theories. CERN has proven that PHYSICS HAS NO LIMITS AND NO LAWS! Just build the damn device and tweak it until it does what you want. THAT is the only LAW of physics: ANYTHING CAN BE BUILT!" Every major invention that changed society was built in about a week. You can spend decades on theories or a few weeks just knocking it out in the prototype lab. Who cares if it blows up a few times, the one time it works you just made a billion dollars.

Alice may  destroy one communication of the word "Hello" at the quantum level. It is fine if she destroys the entanglement that created the word "Hello". Bob only needed to hear it once and both Bob and Alice don't want hackers to ever hear it again. Tough luck for good old "Hello", but it served it's purpose....on to the next word...

For every bit of information to be transmitted to Bob, Alice first has to stimulate the entangled partner particle to Bob before she communicates. Alice 's forehead dot QE-VR phone then changes one of her bits and then Bob's forehead dot QE-VR phone should see his entangled bit changing, and he can then determine whether it was a “1” or “0” sent by Alice....

Who cares? Why not just use radios and cell phones instead of trying to grill up some old organic quantum energy network that has been laying around for centuries?

Because radio and cell phones can't communicate with PERFECT sound and video (8Kx8K+) through the Earth, around the globe, into space and everywhere at once,  like QE can, for free...and the entire network already exists, without any new construction! Quantum energy exists. It is everywhere at once. It is not new age BS. It is PHD level science that has been proven...."


Bell and particle concurrence entanglement have now been proven in scientific studies. Get ready to put on your forehead quantum dot and go light years beyond old VR!


Just stick your forehead dot device on and talk to, and see, Bob on the other side of the world just like in the movies...


Hyperparallel transistor, router and dynamic random access memory with unity fidelities

W. Pan, "Quantum teleportation of multiple degrees of freedom of a single photon," Nature 518(7540), 516-519 (2015). [Crossref] Y. B. Sheng, F. G. Deng, and G. L. Long, "Complete hyperentangled-Bell-state analysis for quantum communication," Phys.

'The Next Leap Forward' - Four Quantum Technologies Hubs to lead UK's research drive

The National Quantum Technologies Programme, which began in 2013, has now entered its second phase of funding, part of which will be a £94 million investment by the UK government, via UKRI ... conventional communications, or using entanglement working ...

How Einstein Set Back Quantum Mechanics Three Decades


If you think QE is outlandish, consider this fact: The Pentagon Already Has Lasers That Beam Messages Into Your Head
Talking lasers can send audible messages directly into your head from up to hundreds of miles away. When perfected, this technology will be used by military and civilian applications to control crowds and individuals. ⁃ TN Editor

Military scientists at the Pentagon are developing ‘talking’ lasers which can beam warnings straight into the enemy’s head from hundreds of miles away.

Weapons researchers at the Department of Defense say the hi-tech weapon will be able to send brief messages – in the form of audible speech – across combat zones.

The aircraft, ship and truck-mounted devices are being developed as part of a military initiative called the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate.

The scientists plan to use a phenomenon of physics called the Laser-Induced Plasma formation to make the laser a reality.

First, they fire a powerful laser that creates a ball of plasma. Then, a second laser works to oscillate the plasma creating sound waves.

These intense laser bursts can then perfectly mimic human language, chief scientist Dave Law told the  Military Times.

He added that the technology could be ready for battle in just five years.

A video shared to publicise the Pentagon project shows the weapon saying ‘Stop or we’ll be forced to fire upon you.’

Scientists say these laser-grams will soon be able to beam hundreds of miles away.

The news will send shudders through the conspiracy theorist community who have long claimed the US government uses radio waves as part of a though-control programme.

The Pentagon has revealed it is ploughing tens of millions into developing state-of-the-art laser weapons – to ensure it doesn’t lag behind Russia and China.

Read full story here…


So you see, QE is not as far off as some say. Our version of QE is for the common good, though.




"...nobody will ever need more than 640k ram..."

"...Humans will never by able to fly to the moon..."

"...Richard Nixon is not a crook..."

"...Humans can never fly on machines..."

"...nobody will watch movies on the internet..."

"...mesh networks cannot exist..."

...and tens of thousands of other things that they were entirely, totally, wrong about ...

In July 2019, physicists reported, for the first time, capturing an image of a strong form of quantum entanglement, called Bell entanglement.[7][8]







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